Booking Terms & Conditions

It is the responsibility of each guest to read the terms and conditions of your booking. Your booking is bound by these terms. Payment of Deposit to Journey Through Ireland signifies acceptance of the following terms and conditions;

Passage to Ireland:

Journey Through Ireland provides a ‘land only’ service. Journey Through Ireland therefore is not responsible for passenger travel into or out of Ireland/Britain. Journey Through Ireland may sell airline/ferry tickets as part of an affiliate program but all responsibility for the sale of the airline or ferry rests with the provider. Journey Through Ireland will not be responsible for any delays, cancellations or other hindrance of passage to your point of entry.

Deposits & Payments:

For bookings made, a non-refundable $500 per person deposit of the land-cost total is required or in certain situations, 25% of the trip cost if decided by management.
Golfing trips and attendance of other sporting events may incur a higher deposit payment which you will be notified about at time of booking.
The remaining balance is due 60 days prior to departure. There are certain exceptions to these deposit requirements for certain products and they are listed below. If full payment is not received, reservations will automatically cancel and deposit payment becomes forfeit. No travel documents or confirmation numbers will be e-mailed out until full payment has been received. We are pleased to accept payment by Visa and MasterCard. Payments by Discover and American Express will incur an additional service fee of 3%. We also accept wire transfers and checks. Bookings made within 30 days of arrival must be paid in full by wire transfer. Please get in touch with your travel representative about this for further info. In this case Journey Through Ireland will supply bank details to process payment by wire transfer.

Journey Through Ireland may sell package tours through an affiliate program. These dates are not guaranteed by Journey Through Ireland. Should tour suppliers cancel the itinerary prior to arrival, Journey Through Ireland will offer the next available date at no additional land cost. If this is not acceptable, a full refund of the cost of the tour will be made in line with the suppliers terms & conditions. Journey Through Ireland cannot accept responsibility for any extra fees or costs relating to such a package booking. If you have purchased an airline ticket which is non-refundable, make certain you understand the conditions under which the ticket is issued – as due to non-refundable airfares Journey Through Ireland is not responsible for any cancellation penalties.

General Cancellation Fees:
61 days & over – Non-refundable deposit
60 – 31 days – 60%
30 -15 days – 75%
14-0 days: 100%

Journey Through Ireland strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance for your trip and are pleased to offer a range of options through our partners at Travel Insured. For a detailed quote and/or to purchase comprehensive travel insurance for your vacation please CLICK HERE and complete the requested information. Don’t forget to add in the cost of your airfare to include the cost of your flights in your travel insurance. If you have any questions regarding travel insurance or need help choosing the plan that is right for you please call Travel Insured on 1-855-752-8303. Please quote the source ID Journey Through Ireland if purchasing your travel insurance over the phone.

Amendment Fees: 
You will be charged an amendment fee of $50 (“Amendment Fee”) by Journey Through Ireland for each permitted passenger-initiated change made, after receipt of deposit or full payment to Journey Through Ireland. Hotels, Car Rental companies, Coach Hire etc. may charge additional fees for changes or cancellation. Changes to or cancellation of part or all of your travel package must be notified to Journey Through Ireland in writing before we can make any changes or cancellations. If the tour dates need to be rescheduled after deposit payment, you will be charged a reschedule fee of $100 per person.

Administration Fees:
There is a non-refundable deposit of $500 on all tours. If for any reason this deposit is refundable, there will be an administration fee of $70 due for the work already carried out.

Travel Documents
Travel Documents including confirmation numbers will be posted in hard copy 4 weeks prior to your departure date and you will also receive an emailed copy at least 7 days (usually sent 4 weeks) in advance of your departure date.

Unused package arrangements: 
With regard to unused accommodations, services or features of any package, Journey Through Ireland cannot make refunds or exchanges unless agreed upon prior to departure. Any disputes or claims should be submitted to Journey Through Ireland in writing no later than 28 days after the end of the tour.

Travel Insurance: 
Journey Through Ireland is not responsible for acts of God, weather, government actions, pandemics, quarantine, sickness, mechanical breakdowns, missed connections or related expenses to/from flights/ferries/trains or any other situations outside of its control. To safeguard against unforeseen circumstances, we strongly advise you to purchase travel insurance.

Trip Delay:
Journey Through Ireland will not be in a position to reimburse or compensate for lost travel arrangements due to your arrival into Ireland/Britain being delayed beyond your scheduled arrival date because of delay or cancellation by the air/ferry/train carrier/own arrangements. We will of course make every effort to assist you in this situation but we recommend you purchase Trip Insurance to protect against this.

Car Rental:
Reservations will be secured on receipt of your deposit.  It is the Guest’s responsibility to notify Journey Through Ireland if they are in breach of any of the car rental company’s terms & conditions.  See separate Terms and Conditions for the Car Rental Companies shown at the end of this document.

Please Note a credit card imprint is required from the Car Rental company when you are picking up your car to cover any excess (deductible), fuel deposit etc. All our inclusive Car rentals include all compulsory insurance, unlimited mileage, and all taxes.  Any rentals where the vehicle is not returned to the same location as it is collected may be subjected to a one way fee payable directly to your Rental Car company at pick up time. Your car rental company will offer additional optional insurances at the point of pick up.  This and any other optional extras (additional driver(s), child seats, GPS, etc) will be billed directly to you by the car rental company.

Please be advised we use different companies in Ireland and the UK so please ensure you review the correct ones that relate to your package and refer to their website for up-to-date terms and conditions. For combined trips to Ireland and the UK you may be using both car rental companies in which case you will need to review the detailed terms and conditions for both countries. If you have any questions in relation to your car rental please contact your Luxury Travel Specialist.

Hotel Accommodation:
Reservations will be secured on receipt of your deposit.  Journey Through Ireland will book the hotels requested by the Guest but will offer an alternative of the same standard as close as possible to the location requested if the Guest’s first choice is not available at time of booking. This will be agreed with the client in advance. Where the first choice of accommodation is not available and the alternatives offered is not suitable the booking deposit/payment on your hotel accommodation is refundable.

Chauffeur Driven Tours:

Reservations will be secured on receipt of your deposit. All Chauffeur Driven Tours include all taxes and fees, driver’s expenses, vehicle rental, gas and insurance. Optional extra costs to be covered by guest include tolls, ferries and parking costs only where applicable. Gratuity not included. Driver/Guides are available for 8 hours per day in accordance with Irish law with a minimum overnight rest period of 11 hours.

Escorted Coach Tours: 
Reservations will be secured on receipt of your deposit. When you make your confirmation with us any change or cancellation you make will be subject to cancellation penalties or change fees in accordance with the suppliers terms and conditions.  Please specify preferred room type at time of booking. Journey Through Ireland reserve the right to change any tour itinerary as required, and notification is given to the client if this ever were to occur.

Journey Through Ireland is not responsible for any property damage, personal injury or other loss incurred by a guest on any travel (organized by Journey Through Ireland), arising omissions or acts by any hotel, air carrier, car rental company, subcontractor or other person or organization, public transport company,  whether or not the company in question is performing services provided to Journey Through Ireland. All vouchers and tickets are supplied and issued subject to the foregoing and to any terms and conditions under which transportation and services are rendered. Clients are asked to check through their voucher details upon receipt of their travel documents and check all details are correct prior to their travel. Journey Through Ireland does not accept responsibility for losses or expenses due to changes or delays in schedules or flight cancellations due to war, mechanical problems, strikes, sickness, quarantine, weather or other causes. Customers must bear all such expenses or losses. We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance to safeguard against any unforeseen circumstances.

Applicable Law: 
Guest’s contract with Journey Through Ireland is subject exclusively to and is governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws of the countries they are visiting (Ireland/Britain) and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of those countries (Irish/Britain) courts.

Should you have any problems during your vacation in Ireland or UK, please do not hesitate to contact Journey Through Ireland and we will be very happy to assist you in any way we can.


Please check your final itinerary for details of your car rental company. You will find updated terms & conditions on their respective websites.

HERTZ (Ireland Only)

Deposit:         Credit Card ( Damage Excess & Fuel Deposit )

Credit Card at commencement of rental is mandatory – to cover Toll Fees, Speed Camera’s, Parking Offenses etc….

Cash payment can be made at end of rental

Tax:               Included at a rate of 13.5%.

Airport / Location Service :               LSC is included in the rates.

Hours Grace:               Clients are permitted a 2 hour grace period.

Driving Conditions  

Minimum Age:     

23 / 24 years – can drive groups A, B & E only

A young driver surcharge will be applied payable directly to the car rental company – this is EUR 26 (including tax) per day.

25 Years               Groups A, B, C, E & F

27 Years               Groups D, J, Q, G, P, S & V

30 Years               Groups I, M, N, T, W & Y

Maximum Age :     

Customers who are aged between 75 – 79 years can rent under certain conditions :-

1 ) Must hold a current motor insurance policy and drive regularly.

2 ) Provide a letter from their doctor to state that they have been in good health for at least 12 months.

3 ) Provide a letter from their insurers to state that they have not been involved in any incidents in the last 5 years.

Driving Licence:   

Must hold a current national license valid for at least 2 years or more at date of rental. Learner /provisional drivers and/or seriously endorsed license holders are not entitled to rent a vehicle e.g dangerous driving endorsement or drink driving disqualification.

One Way Fees

One Way / Southern Ireland: One Way rentals are free of charge between Dublin Airport & Dublin Downtown Locations & Shannon Airport / Cork Airport / Cork City. ( South Circular & North Circular Road Locations ) on all rental durations.

A one way drop to any other Hertz Location will incur the following fee’s :-

3 + days => One Way Fee ranges from EUR 25 – 70
Kerry Airport / Knock Airport / Sligo / Wexford / Waterford City

One Way / Northern Irl :  A one way fee ranging from EUR 160 is applicable for returns to the following locations in Northern Ireland :- Belfast Int’l Airport / Belfast City Airport / Belfast Downtown / City of Derry

Please check car rental website directly for all updated fees.


The following insurances are included:

1 ) Compulsory Motor Insurance

2 ) Collision Damage Waiver ( CDW )

3 ) Theft Protection ( TP )

Compulsory Motor Ins:               By Irish Law, the car rental company must provide Insurance for any damage to any other vehicle/Property or Injury to another person ( including death ). Compulsory Motor Insurance does not insure against damage or repairs to the car (see Collision Damage Waiver – CDW below ) or does not insure against injury or loss to the Driver.

Theft Protection:                           Theft Protection ( TP ) is included and provides Insurance for the rental vehicle in the event it is stolen, subject to the damage excess to be paid by the Renter – see below

Collision Damage Waiver:          Collision Damage Waiver ( CDW ) means the Driver is insured in relation to Damage to the rental vehicle subject to the damage excess to be paid by the renter which are as follows;

EUR 1,600            Car Groups A & B

EUR 2,000            Car Groups C, D, Q, E & F

EUR 2,500            Car Groups J, G, V, P & W

EUR 3,000            Car Groups S, T, I, M, N & Y

Optional Insurances available to the renter 

Super Cover:               Super Cover ( SCDW ) can be added to a rental which reduces the damage Excess to Zero .  The following are the applicable amounts payable directly to the car rental company:-

EUR 16.00 per day            Car Groups A & B

EUR 19.00 per day            Car Groups C, D, E & F

EUR 21.00 per day            Car Groups G, J, P, Q, V & W

EUR 30.00 per day            Car Groups S, T, I, M, N & Y

Tyres, Wheels, Keys or fuel are not covered by Super Cover. Terms & Conditions apply.  Prices are subject to change.

Driver & Baggage:               DBP / PAI is optional at EUR 5.50 per day or EUR 38.50 per week payable directly to the car rental company.

Additional Driver:               A charge of EUR 9.50 per day, per each additional driver will be applied, including tax – this is payable directly to the car rental company.

Optional Extras – Payable directly to the car rental company 

Baby Seats:               Available on request – baby seats are suitable for children aged between 6 Months – 4 / 5 years.  A charge of EUR 40 per hire will be applied and if the Seat is not returned at the end of rental a charge of EUR 100 is applied.

Booster Seats:               Available on request – booster seats are suitable for children aged between 5 – 11 years.  A charge of EUR 15 per hire will be applied.

GPS:               GPS Units ( Hertz Neverlost ) can be hired at the counter at a charge of EUR 15.89 per day Or EUR 73.78 per week, including tax. (subject to change)

Fuel:               Vehicle is provided with a full tank of fuel, once returned full no additional. Fuel charge to be applied.  If not returned full, fuel charge will be applied Plus a refueling service charge of EUR 9.50 including tax.

Fuel Purchase Option:              Renters have the option of prepaying for a tank of fuel at the start of the Rental at a discounted rate ( to be advised at time of pick up ).  With this Option renters should aim to return their vehicle empty or as close to empty as possible, as there is not a refund for unused fuel.

Damage Procedure

At the start of every rental, each renter is asked to familiarize themselves by viewing digital photographs of the car with annotations circled in red to alert to any Pre-existing damage or defects recorded by the representative when carrying out the Vehicle Pre-Inspection ( VPI ). The photographs of the rented car are assigned at the desk to the renters Rental Agreement number and a copy of the PDF report is emailed to the customers email address.

When renters receive their vehicle they are asked to re-check that the vehicle matches the VPI – if not the report can be amended prior to departing & a supplement report is emailed to the renter reflecting the changes.

In the event of damage to the rental vehicle – renters are liable for the Limited Excess charge ( or standard excess if the LEP has been revoked due to an incident).   Clients may also be liable for the following additional amounts :-

A ) Damage to the vehicle clutch assembly which is determined to be caused by driver error.

B ) Damage to the vehicle as a result of driving through flood water and / or water damage.

C ) Damage to the vehicles engine and / or components caused by gross negligence.

D ) Damage incurred as a result of contaminated / incorrect fuel.

E ) Damage to the vehicle caused by the loss or theft of the keys or locking the keys inside the vehicle.

F ) Damage sustained by the vehicle being driven off-road.

G ) Call-out charges in the event of Emergency Roadside Assistance being required.

H ) Recovery charges by specialist equipment

The vehicle is checked in at time of return & compared with the VPI report created at time of pick up. New damage is recorded and a copy of the report is sent again to the customers email & our Damage / Claims Department for processing.

All incidents with the rental vehicle ( traffic accident, loss, damage or theft of the vehicle ) should be reported to car rental Head Office immediately and to the Police. If there are 3rd parties involved – their details should be obtained ( vehicle registration numbers, owners, drivers, insurers and policy numbers and of all witnesses names, addresses & telephone numbers ).  An incident report form will need to be completed also.

Traffic fines / Toll charges 

The renter is fully responsible for all fines and any consequences of the violation of traffic & parking prohibitions during the rental.  Where the car rental company is required to pay such fines, the renter agrees that we may debit their credit or charge card during the rental or after the return of the vehicle with the amount of any fine, plus an administration fee.

A tolling system without barriers is now in use between Junction 6 ( N3 Blanchardstown ) and Junction 7 ( N4 Lucan ) on the Dublin M50 Motorway.  The car rental company will be charged automatically for each toll as all rental vehicles have been registered with the Toll Operator.  A Toll Fee of EUR 3.10 per usage will be charged directly to the customer on their credit card.  Toll prices are subject to change.

At all other Tolling Booths in Ireland – barriers are in place & cash payment facilities are available – the renter is responsible for payment at each of these.

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